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Employees have an office wall where they can put all their personal photos. - Hideki Kimura

"Wish we had a barber onsite, fitting a haircut into a lunchbreak is so stressful" - Lowry Haber

Acuity have a 65ft Ferris wheel in their office… Huh. I’d forgo this year’s xmas bonus to help make this happen… - Lauritz Van Der Laar

2.4 billion hours of productivity is lost in the US every year because of coffee and snack breaks according to Staples. To increase productivity cheaply, bosses should just make sure the office fridge is well stocked! - Wit Delacroix

Treadmill desks. Time to do some light cardio at work. - Jorg Wildgrube

Naps are encouraged at Autodesk! - Zechariah Franklyn

Adobe systems have a rock wall to help workers relieve stress! - Tanya Bernard

This would actually make me want to go to morning meetings. This is the meeting room at Widen and Kennedy. - Merrill Schumacher

Make sure your office is well-lit. "My best advice is [to] make sure all your employees work in a space with natural light. Poor lighting can cause significant levels of eyestrain, blurred vision and headaches, none of which are conducive to a productive work environment. On the flip side, a well-lit office can keep your employees energized throughout the day. If natural light isn't an option in your office, then try to use light fixtures with adjustable filters." – Taylor Johnson, hiring manager and business plan expert

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The Fair Office

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